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Conference Photo Gallery

This gallery contains 56 photos.

It was a great conference! Thank you so much to all the presenters and guests. Here are some of the photos from the conference. More photos to come! Thank you to Liz and Carli. All photos should be credited: DSSC Conference … Continue reading

Guest Wifi Availability

We understand the need to be connected! For our friends that are not connected to UIC, we have been able to get temporary UIC Guest Wifi for you. Please see the Registration Table to get a unique username and password. For the Wifi network, you select UIC Guest. Please let us know if you need any help.

Conference Accommodations

Conference organizers strive to make the conference as accessible and as inclusive as possible. Currently we will be providing the below accommodations:

  • ASL interpreters
  • CART
  • Space is on ground floor and accessible for those on wheels
  • Encouraging scent-free space
  • Gender inclusive restrooms
  • Personal assistants
  • Large print materials for the program and any Powerpoint slide presentations
  • Audio Description all day
  • Use of accessible language for those not in Disability Studies or in the academic industry
  • Vegetarian and non-vegetarian; Halal meat; gluten-free, dairy-free snacks and lunch options

For additional accommodations, please e-mail us at least two weeks in advance to Manako,

Gendered, multi-stall restrooms are located on the ground level across from the auditorium, room 166. There is a gender inclusive restroom on the second floor, room 228. This also has a baby changing table. If you need any assistance, please let any of the Disability Studies Student Council members know.

Additionally, we will be asking presenters to tell the pronoun(s) or no pronoun(s) used. This is to lessen gender assumptions and increase self-identification and self-determination. For more information on gender inclusive restrooms and pronouns, please visit the UIC Gender and Sexuality Center at

Conference Panel Information

As of April 14 – Word document with the below text; Download Conference schedule. Please note that this schedule is subject to change. The only thing added to the text below are the brief presenter bios.

Doors open with light breakfast refreshments
9:00 a.m.

9:30 a.m.

Panel 1: Transnational Perspectives on Disability
9:45-10:30 a.m.

  1. Manako Yabe, “Hidden Intersectionality: Silent Storytelling from Deaf Asian Americans”
    Bio: Manako Yabe is an international Ph.D. student in UIC’s Disability Studies program. She is also a Communication Access Consultant at UIC’s Disability Resource Center and American Sign Language Social Club Coordinator.
  2. Ellyn McNamara, “Intersections of Disability, Language, Culture & Power Relations: An Immersion Experience”
    Bio: Ellyn McNamara, M.S., CCC-SLP, is second year PhD Student in the Disability Studies Program. She is interested in the intersections of language, culture, disability and citizenship.
  3. Yue Xu, “Experiences of Minority Immigrant Caregivers: A literature Review”

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Conference Parking, Travel Information

multi-floor, red brick building with an over hang at the front door; UIC building signage "Disability, Health, and Social Policy" in lower left corner

Photo description: outside photograph of a multi-floor, brick building with overhang; UIC building signage reads Disability, Health, and Social Policy Building in lower left hand corner

Disability, Health, and Social Policy (DHSP) Building
University of Illinois at Chicago
1640 W. Roosevelt Road, Chicago
Room 166, first floor auditorium

By car: There is a drive way leading directly to the front door of the DHSP building with an over hang. One can easily pick up and drop people off. Permanent parking in this space is not allowed.

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Asst. Prf. Akemi Nishida, 2016 Keynote Speaker

Photo Description: Cisgender, Japanese female Nishida smiles in front of bookshelves. Her long black hair has strands of dyed green.

Asst. Prf. Akemi Nishida

We’re all very excited to have Asst. Prf. Akemi Nishida to be our 2016 Keynote speaker for the Chicago Disability Studies Conference on April 15, 2016. The DSSC members enthusiastically agreed that Nishida was a great fit for the conference due to her scholarship of intersectionality and department affiliation with Gender and Women’s Studies at UIC.

Her keynote presentation will be from 12:30-1:30 p.m., during lunch of the conference.

Photo Description: Cisgender, Japanese female Nishida smiles in front of bookshelves. Her long black hair has strands of dyed green.

Photo Credit: UIC Gender and Women’s Studies

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